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  • What We Do
    NPTE, NCLEX, NBCOT & TOEFL examinations can be challenging and must be taken seriously. These are standardized tests that are designed to gauge an individual’s specific aptitude. Most perceive these exams as the proverbial bridge between wishful thinking and realization of dreams. Ultimately, preparation is the key and this is our forte at ATP.
  • Mission
    To equip test-takers with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to increase chances in passing the exam that will impact positive change in their lives
  • Vision
    To be the premiere test preparation institution in the country and to expand programs offered beyond healthcare and languages
  • Core Values
  • Our Team
    The synergistic effort of the administration, faculty, academic and clinical consultants is paramount to the effective and efficient delivery of services at ATP. All members of the team are distinguished in their own discipline. The highly qualified professors have amassed significant U.S. professional experience, academic excellence and unparalleled pedagogy that render them most effective in honing competent professionals of the next generation.

Message from the President and CEO:
Welcome to American Test Prep (ATP) Center! It is our primary goal to help test candidates increase their chances of passing the most significant examination of their career with our unique and effective test preparation courses. Through this endeavor, we aim to contribute in shaping the future generation of healthcare professionals and consequently boosting the quality of healthcare delivery in America.