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Welcome to American Test Prep Center

American Test Prep (ATP) Center is a prime professional institution offering test preparation services for U.S. healthcare licensure examinations such as NPTENCLEXNBCOT & language competency tests such as TOEFL.

Let us help you prepare for the examination that can potentially change your lives!

What We Do

NPTE, NCLEX, NBCOT & TOEFL examinations can be challenging and must be taken seriously. These are standardized tests that are designed to gauge an individual’s specific aptitude. Most perceive these exams as the proverbial bridge between wishful thinking and realization of dreams. Ultimately, preparation is the key and this is our forte at ATP.

MISSION: To equip test-takers with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to increase chances in passing the exam that will impact positive change in their lives

VISION: To be the premiere test preparation institution in the country and to expand programs offered beyond healthcare and languages

ATP Pride: We would like to congratulate our recent NPTE passers. Your hardwork has finally paid off!

A well-deserved CONGRATULATIONS to our growing list of NPTE and NPTAE passers:

Anna S.

Brian W.
Morris M.
Jib D.
John M.
Jaime F.
Marc C.
Raghu K.
Trudy B.
Hiten S.
Bernadette S.
Lyndon R.
Joy C.
Hazem F.
Twisha S.
Ahmed S.
Patricia C.
Gabriel P.
Anandaselvi K.
Niraj T.
Shirley J.
Anoop C.
Ian B.
Wes U.
Jean M.
Nidhita N.
Ria C.
Anvesh G.
Ankita P.
Rey L.
Khalid A.
Dina N.
Mirna T.
Jayshil K.
Katy S.
Mekola N.
Jay T.
Shashi P.
Jahanvi P.
Peter S.
Gurpreet S.
Khurshid I.
Hency B.
Bon Q.
Rowena A.
Yogesh P.
Jo A.
Mahesh B.
Mina W.
Arvin P.
Chetna B.
Renjith A.
Lalj A.
Aimee A.
Shubhi K.
Mariam I.
Jae A.
Akshay P.
Komal V.
Tejas P.
Shivani U.
Sainil P.
Fadia N.
Jenil N.
Ritchell M.
Rima T.
Ulka S.
Parshwa M.
Kristine F.
Chihanggam S.
Khushbu V.
Joseph A.
Mansi K.
Jasmyn A.
Laljibhai M.
Kinjal P.
Shruti S.
Sherif E.
Pratyusha N.
Shaneen S.
Suvidha B.
Muhammad T.
Juie M.
Pulkitkumar P.
Cheryl U.
Muhammad U.
Ankit P.
Angel B.
Heba A.
Anissa B.
Ekta D.
Saini P.
Richard P.
Chandan K.
Kanan P.
Rimma P.
Dina N.
Shirali S.
Rea R.
Jebu A.
Shelly M.
Vanessa C.
Shannon R.
Shweta D.
Liza G.
Lindie I.
Neelu B.
Ilesh P.
Disha V.
Khushbu G.
Khyatie B.
Amr E.
Soneera H.
Gaz V.
Mai M.
Shaddha K.
David S.
Alex A.
Sean T.
Erena K.
Jenny O.
Miguel O.
Cyrus I.
Sang Hoon K.
Sai S.
Manoj J.
Bhavti S.
Merced J.
Tithi P.
Neelamben P.
F. Hossain
Amandeep K.
Vihang D.
Thea B.
Aprille S.
Brian N.
Frances M.
Krystelyn L.
Ami P.
Ruby D.
Mahmoud E.
Johanna C.
Arlene P.
Satish K. (PTA)
Jessie L. (PTA)
Niketu P. (PTA)
Jimmy H. (PTA)
Angelica Y. (PTA)
Nisarg P. (PTA)
Akshay P. (PTA)
Suchi M. (PTA)
Prem N. (PTA)
Maribeth R. (PTA)
Jonalyn A. (PTA)
Mahrshi P. (PTA)
Bhargav S. (PTA)
Ann C. (PTA)
Natalie C. (PTA)
Marina K. (PTA)
Mai M. (PTA)
Dina N. (PTA)
Rolly O. (PTA)
Shadha A. (PTA)
Alyssa P. (PTA)
Shayam P. (PTA)
Mafer C. (PTA)
Maricar D. (PTA)
April R. (PTA)
Mikul P. (PTA)
Monica S. (PTA)
Valery C. (PTA)
Wes U. (PTA)
Jisuk S. (PTA)
Glenn T. (PTA)
Blerina R. (PTA)
Jean S. (PTA)
David G. (PTA)
Daphnie A. (PTA)
Farrah S. (PTA)
Bernadette S. (PTA)
Dmitry M. (PTA)
Monica J. (PTA)


Registration for our weekend NPTE courses is now open. Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are only limited seats and we advise participants to register as early as possible. We also welcome referrals. Contact us for scheduled fees and for more details. The schedule is as follows:

National Physical Therapy Examination

INTENSIVE COURSE (Foundational and Testmanship Combo) from NOV. 24, 2019 to JAN. 19, 2020 every SUNDAYS (7am-5pm) with THURSDAYS (6pm-10pm).

Early new registrants can avail of the promotional fee of $1200 which can be paid in three installments and it is $600 for returning ATP students. Reply to this message to register and to get more details.



Highly recommended!!! This class was a big help to me! I’m so thankful to my instructors, sir Eli and sir Jim for teaching me everything that needs to be learn and relevant to the exam. The lectures were precise and easy to understand and the techniques were very useful. The advices and tips that were given made a huge difference on how I prepared myself mentally, emotionally, physically for my exam since this was my 3rd attempt for the NPTE. I’m so glad I took the CPC and APC classes because it’s all worth it! Thank you so much!
Kristine F.
First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank this institute (ATP). Thank you whole heartedly! Had it not been the guidance from Eli, I would have not cracked the NPTE at first attempt.Thank you for teaching me the concepts and sharing with me the ideas on how to crack the NPTE. You have been a great teacher one could ever ask for. I will always remain in debt of the knowledge you have shared with me. For all the aspiring students, I would definitely recommend taking ATP class for NPTE.
Chihanggam S.
First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank this institute (ATP). Thank you whole heartedly! Had it not been the guidance from Eli, I would have not cracked the NPTE at first attempt.Thank you for teaching me the concepts and sharing with me the ideas on how to crack the NPTE. You have been a great teacher one could ever ask for. I will always remain in debt of the knowledge you have shared with me. For all the aspiring students, I would definitely recommend taking ATP class for NPTE.[/fusion_testimonial
Joseph A.
It took me 3 tries to pass the NPTE. The major difference is finally taking the ATP Comprehensive and Advanced prep courses before this July 19th exam. ATP’s lecturers; Eli and Jim are very knowledgeable and professional in their execution of a highly effective and inspiring prep program. They can make the most technical and challenging PT topics as simple and easily understandable as possible. The lectures and discussions they provide are both SPECIFIC and SENSITIVE to the needs of NPTE PT and PTA licensure examinees to pass the test. The NPTE is really difficult and passing it requires a lot of sacrifice and hardwork. I highly recommend ATP to anyone planning to take the NPTE to make this endeavor a little lighter and fun at the same time. THANK YOU ELI AND JIM YOU GUYS ARE INSPIRATIONS AND GREAT CONTRIBUTORS TO THE FIELD OF ALLIED HEALTH AND REHABILITATION MEDICINE.
Chihanggam S.
You want to clear the NPTE & be a brilliant Physio then you got to enroll yourself at ATP!! This class has been the best thing ever happened to me in my Physical Therapy career! Professor Eli & Jim are the best!
Eli sir has the best method to teach! You don’t mug up stuff but he makes it so easy and simple for you to understand that you cant get wrong in your judgement. The best part is how he links one topic to the other and you realize it was always so simple of you have your mind to it.
A definite win win situation once you enroll!
I also recommend the Advance classes it gives you a very nice idea how to crack a question and how to understand what the question is actually asking for!
I owe my passing to both these professors! It wouldn’t have been possible without them!
Mansi K.
I really wants to thanks ATP who helped me pass my exam, achieve big milestone in my life. The teaching method is absolutely so good. I highly recommended to attend this class before taking your exam.
Pulkitkumar P.
American Test Prep has been a blessing! A huge thank you to the course instructors as they are great teachers that help break down the material and put it all into perspective. I had taken the exam twice previously and wasn’t exactly sure what I kept doing wrong or right for that matter. This class allowed me to start with the basics and build my knowledge up as well as understanding testmanship. Putting the two together was a recipe for success. After taking this class, I have a renewed confidence and understanding that will allow me to be a better clinician. I recommend this course to anyone who has trouble taking the NPTE, it makes a huge difference.
Anissa B.
I really want to thank ATP for the great help. I took my NPTE exam 3 times before attending the course and unfortunately, I failed . I just passed my exam. The course really helped me to how to deal with the exam I highly recommend this course as it really made a huge difference.
Heba M.
The class really helped me in decision making, understanding and finding the right key words to solve the problem. My knowledge in the subject didn’t help me until I started going to this class which helped me how to apply that knowledge and perfect it.
Jebu A.
I will highly recommend it. I took the advanced class and it was very helpful! The team is awesome, and really trying to accommodate and help everyone.
Amy S.
I came to USA 1 year back and since the day I entered, it was my dream to pass the NPTE in first attempt. Today my dream has come true and I owe it all to ATP. I made the efforts but ATP surely directed me the right way. My concepts grew stronger and I could apply them appropriately after joining ATP.
Disha V.
Optimism is what i only had when i first came to ATP. ATP reinforced it with dedication, hardwork and commitment. For me, the instructors’ teaching techniques are the BEST and worked for me. I went to different review classes, from my country and here, but ATP made so much difference in my preparation for the test. I strongly recommend both the Comprehensive Prep Course and the Advance Prep Course. Yes, i recently passed the most challenging NPTE. Thank you ATP! You made a big part of this positive change in my life!
Merced J.
I passed! Big thanks to ATP and its instructors for helping me get my PT license! At ATP, you’ll learn, you’ll be guided, and you’ll be determined. Hands down to the instructor for the comprehensive program/lectures. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Vanessa C.
Hard work and compassion for studying is a must. Our instructor is a brilliant mentor without this review classes I wouldn’t have made it. ATP Center helped me be more organized, reduced my anxiety, study smarter and think positive. I encourage everyone who has not passed the exam yet to enroll and see what I’m talking about.
Ruby D.
I am Vihang Dave and I am a licensed PT right now. And for all of these, my big big thanks goes to ATP classes and the instructor. Before coming to the classes, I tried my exams so many times and always got stuck below the passing mark. But after joining the classes, I came to recognize where I was lagging. The instructor taught everything so nicely that all my basic concepts got cleared very well. Plus the testmanship classes he provided helped me to find a way to solve the questions easily. I am so grateful and glad that I attended these classes which help me secure my license exam and build a foundation for my career. Thank you ATP!
Vihang D.
I want to thank my instructor and the course is very useful. His explanation is very good and he changed my way of thinking about questions. He let me understand all topics not by memorization. I took the exam 3x before I joined this course. My exam scores before attending the course were 62 to 68 but after joining the class, my ratings jumped to 82. I advise all aspiring professionals to take this course.
Mahmoud E.
After taking and failing the exam multiple times, I was just about ready to give up. I had spent thousands of dollars and tons of time attending other review courses that claim they are the key to passing the exam, but those did not do the trick for me. But it is with confidence, and now my license, that I attest to ATP truly being a different and EFFECTIVE prep course. If you attend every class and put in the extra hours for studying on your own, your chances of passing will surely increase. Thank you ATP for being the missing piece to achieving my goal!
Krystelyn L.
I enrolled at American Test Prep Center because it is highly recommended by my friends. I have not practiced my profession for almost 9 years and NEVER expected I would pass the exam on my first attempt. Sir is an excellent teacher who not only makes difficult topics seem easy but gives inspiring stories that boosts your confidence in taking the exam. The 5-week study guide they provide and study tips helped a lot. I would definitely recommend ATP to anyone who aims to pass the test in a breeze. To ATP, I owe you guys a lot!! Mabuhay!! Thank you so much.
Thea B.
I had the pleasure of knowing ATP from a friend. I’m always impressed on how the instructor pushes his student to study hard. His technique of teaching and passion of making the student learned are undeniable. He answers our questions straightforward. He is like walking encyclopedia and he knows everything. You can never go wrong with ATP! Thank you ATP center because I passed my exam with all your help!
Aprille S.
Well, I decided to enroll at ATP because I extremely wanted to pass the exam. I was reviewing by myself and it did not help me clear my test. I finally decided to attend classes at ATP and I changed my study habits too. Therefore, I got favorable result. I would say I made the right choice in investing my money and time with the course. So, what are you waiting for??
Brian N.